Province Polemarch Welcome Message

Dear Brothers, Silhouettes and Visitors,
I trust this message finds you all in good health and high spirits as we collectively embark on the significant journey of the 25th Administration. It is with great pride and enthusiasm that I share with you the core principles that will guide our collective efforts in the coming period.

Brotherhood Goal: Nurturing Trust and Strengthening Bonds
As we take the reins of the 25th Administration, our primary focus is to cultivate an atmosphere of trust that will fortify the connections between our undergraduate and alumni chapters. These relationships are the bedrock upon which we will build a united fraternity, shaping how we conduct our business and, ultimately, increasing the active financial membership within the Northern Province.
Achievement Goal: Equipping Brothers for Success
Our commitment to your success goes beyond the confines of our fraternity. We aim to ensure that each and every brother is not only prepared but excelling in their academic and professional pursuits. Recognizing and celebrating your achievements will be at the forefront of our efforts.
Service Goal: Creating Awareness and Resolving Issues
Service is at the heart of our fraternity, and in this administration, we aim to extend our impact further. Through education and active involvement, we will address societal issues, making a meaningful difference within our membership and the wider community.
Engagement Goal: Strengthening Our Impact
Your active involvement is key to enhancing our brand experience and increasing our impact on the community. By streamlining communications and focusing on key initiatives, we can collectively elevate our fraternity’s standing.
Strengthening the BASE of Brotherhood, Achievement, Service and Engagement
In our shared commitment to progress, this tagline encapsulates the spirit of our mission. It symbolizes our dedication to breaking down barriers within our fraternity and building bridges within the communities we serve.

I encourage each of you to explore our website, where you will find a wealth of information about our fraternity’s endeavors, our mission, and how you can contribute to our lasting legacy.

Brothers, your support and engagement are crucial to the success of this administration. Let us come together to strengthen the foundation of our fraternity, leaving an enduring mark on the Northern Province and beyond.

Again, welcome to our home of the web!

Best Regards,

Michael L. Kinloch
25th Northern Province Polemarch

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